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Just released "The Rush"! Download it below now! The Radio Edit version will be on-line soon (The version you all have been asking for!)
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2014 Release of "The Rush"!

Recently, you may of heard of my new single from the breakaway album, "The Rush". Or you even more likely heard of the radio edit of that same song. Well, now I'd like to officially announce it's release. It is both available free to download and purchase. Thanks to the Radio Airplay community and Jango for boosting my hopes up for this track. I honestly did not expect it to receive this much feedback. Thanks for making this my #1 single guys! I love you all!

 - Kyle (SNELL)

"Give A Life" EP Release available NOW! (5/21/2014)

So we have good news! 

As of today, the EP album of "Give A Life" has been fully RELEASED! Yes, that means you can buy and download for FREE this albu, right here right now. Want a link to my Itunes? HERE YOU GO!

You can also find this song on Amazon, and other great retailers!

Notice: some retailers may not show the availability of some albums, and tracks.

I also want to thank all of my friends and family who supported me in the making of this album. And since I am so nice, I decided to make all of my songs that I ever make free and purchasable. So if you think the song you are jamming to is worth your money, buy it! It helps me, and the economy! (it does, seriously) 

That's all I have for now everybody! Stay up to date with more of me later on! I'll be back!

 - Your buddy, Kyle

Give A Life

The Rush (Radio Edit)
The Rush


Bea Miller - Young Blood

Kyle Snelgrove (Give A Life)
Kyle Snelgrove (Give A Life)
Kyle Snelgrove (Give A Life)
Kyle Snelgrove (Give A Life)
The Rush
Kyle Snelgrove (Break Away)
Young Blood (SNELL Soft Remix)
Kyle Snelgrove (Break Away)
Break Away Album Art

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